On Christmas Tradition… and Grapefruit!

Every year on Christmas day we gather as a family early in the morning for the same routine. With our eyes still fuzzy we open our stockings, allowing the Christmas spirit to gather in us while we wake up together. We enjoy a delicious breakfast together, open our presents and then retire to our separate corners to play with our newfound goodies while dinner bubbles away in the oven. Then, we come together once again for an exquisite and heavy meal with all of the trimmings.

This is how it was when I was a child, of course. Now that I’m responsible enough not to touch the hot burners or get in the way I take a bigger part in making that dinner come together. My corner for Christmas afternoon is in the kitchen and I love it that way!

Our Christmas breakfast is always the same: Christmas Morning Wifesaver (http://www.bestofbridge.com/Recipe2.aspx) with fruit salad, juice and (of course) some doctored coffee. Some years we’ve also served sticky buns or cinnamon rolls but you don’t need much more than Wifesaver and Kahlua! Our desire to present our guests with an abundant and perfect mountain of fruit salad had always left us eating limp and squishy fruit for days and days after the holiday. Overripe banana is not on my list of desired leftovers!

To avoid such a problem this year we have opted to serve grapefruit halves instead of our traditional salad. Usually I’m a stickler for tradition but in this case I couldn’t be happier! A bit rough and fleshy on the outside, our beautiful grapefruit couldn’t be tastier! They have to be one of my most favourite fruit: whether eaten as-is or coated in sugar (or agave or maple syrup or maraschino cherry juice), a plump red grapefruit is always light, energizing and thirst-quenching. I hope that these divine globes become nestled in our holiday traditions.

Which brings me to my next point: It’s easier than I expected, so far, to adapt my newfound gluten-free way of eating to our Christmas traditions. I’ve made a few gluten-free cookies (which are not wonderful but they could be much worse!) and can live without stuffing. My big head-scratcher was the breakfast Wifesaver. . . instead of spending this busy time playing with the recipe I have opted to make it with some gluten-free potato bread that’s been sitting in my freezer. I suppose we’ll know tomorrow if it works out! If not I’ll be doubling-up on the grapefruit.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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One Comment on “On Christmas Tradition… and Grapefruit!”

  1. O~ Says:

    Grapefruits are AWESOME!

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