I love it when food (or an item of it) becomes a revelation for somebody. Whether it’s as simple as a different condiment or as complex as a new style of eating, a revelation is a powerful force. It can change the way you eat french fries or change the way you feel in general.

My most recent revelation is the fact that eating gluten free makes me feel good! At first this seemed like a death sentence– cooking gluten free means being in a rut of weird-tasting foods and a mile long list of restrictions, right?

Wrong! Although I still have to read labels for everything that I buy at the grocery store, cooking gluten free is becoming easier and easier… especially thanks to the windfall of resources that family and friends are pointing in my direction.

I’ve been baking and cooking a myriad of delicious GF foods but I probably won’t be posting them here– none of the recipes are my own! Once I become comfortable enough blending flours and adapting recipes to my own liking, I’ll start posting my own work again.

For now, I have to say this: thanks to those who keep checking back! I’m in the middle of a crazy school year but hope to continue chipping away at this little corner of the ‘net!

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