Personal Ad

The challenge on TD was to write your own personal ad.  Although most ads are short and sweet, I came up with something a little longer and figured I may as well post it here.

“Family oriented young woman seeking a compassionate and fiery companion. An optimistic outlook is a must. Also: a blunt, honest and mischievous temperament is preferable. Someone who doesn’t mind random plates of home-baked cookies arriving at work, or having a home cooked dinner every night. I’m looking for someone who shares my sense of culinary adventure, and carries that adventure throughout every — and I mean every — aspect of life.

We’ll probably fall for each other — I’ll adore your wisdom and your down-to-earthiness and you’ll think that my terminal clumsiness is endearing — and then you’ll ask my age and realize that I’m way, way too young for you. I’m okay with that, just promise to evaluate the situation based on how we resonate with each other, not my age.

Ideally, we would take things slow and kindle requited passion with the smallest touch. Our feet touching under the coffee table for the briefest moment, my hand brushing over yours as we both reach for the bill. Feed the flame with a small stream of air and watch it erupt. You’ll admire my domestic abilities and I’ll soothe your stress with a shower of love and a massage, then you’ll roll over and fall asleep to the sound of a soft lullaby and my fingers running through your hair.

I can see on the couch, your head on my stomach, me running my fingers over your temples as you flip the page of your book, smiling at you softly and then returning to my own.

I can see us enjoying a rainy night stripping the wet tshirts off of each other under the shelter of our favourite tree.

Smokers of any sort need not reply.”

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